Lots of positive comments from happy customers:

"I just wanted to say thanks for making the process so easy. Your site was a blessing."

"The last lot of Bach Flowers was amazing! Life changing even you could say! Thanks so much xxx"

"Just writing to say thank you. I must admit that I was of the view that I knew it would do no harm but was unsure if it would help. Our almost 3yr old has had over 6 mths of his mum in hospital and his poppa having terminal cancer diagnosed - which we helped home nurse till the end. This resulted in our son waking distressed and crying through the night many times every night. Talking to hospice they said it was a process and we were doing all things right and to sit it out. It was too distressing to do that, so I called you after a recommendation from a friend. Our first full day of the drops we had a restful night and have done every night since. Through one of hardest times you have helped and for that all we can say is thank you."

"Just a note to say, thanks for the quick delivery etc.. and my daughter had one day of the mix yesterday and had her first night in a while with no nightmares or wet bed this morning.. thank you! I think she's subconsciously worrying about starting school so hope this fixes it."

"Cheers, oh and my horse is looking better on her Olive too." JR

"I received the first order on Saturday and just wanted to let you know how much that has helped us already (Monday now). Normally we would spend 1hour - 90 mins settling Alex when she wakes up in the middle of the night. And doing this 2 - 3 times a night has been exhausting. On Saturday night, she still woke up 3 times, but the first two times I gave the drops and she was back to sleep within 5 minutes each times. The third time I just went to her and put my hand on her chest (as I normally try and do) and she fell asleep within a couple of minutes. I didn't want to get too hopeful the first time in case it just happened to be one of those one-off moments but it was the same on Sunday night. She settles down almost immediately and drifts off to sleep within minutes. She is also a lot better during the days and doesn't suffer from separation anxiety as much as she used to. I can't thank you enough! I have also been feeling better after using the drops I ordered for myself :-) " FK

"We received the drops on Friday or Saturday, (Monday now) it has made a difference to my daughter already.

"Thanks so much for making it so easy to diagnose yourself without huge costs and drama. Kind regards, RC"

"I received a self diagnosis remedy from you nearly a month ago and felt I needed to email to say thank you. Not only for making this beautiful remedy for me but for putting your gorgeous grounding energy into the essence. I am a Reiki Teacher, practitioner & intuitive healer. After many months of holding on to irritation within my right hand and arm (which had manifested into a blimmin almighty itchy rash), this has now cleared. I had tried many other forms of treatment even flower essences, until I got quite loud and clear "Bach Flowers" and viola I was guided to your website. The main purpose of my email is to tell you how strongly I could feel the love and light come through your essence, even just looking at the bottle. May you get in return the love that you pour into your earthly work. Light and abundant blessings, R Burton"

"I have just placed an order for another bottle. I have noticed a big difference and I am feeling so much better. Thank you again, I can see why my aunty called it her miracle drops! I can't believe how much better I am feeling - have really noticed a difference this last week. " RH

"After 20 months of restless sleep, my wee boy now sleeps through the night. He's much easier to settle and the bedtime battles are well and truly in the past. He not longer tosses and turns all night, often standing up in his cot and crying for Mummy or Daddy.We've been giving him the drops for approx.3 weeks. At 7pm (bedtime) we say "drops" he runs, stands by the kitchen, tips his head back and says "drops Mummy" very cute!! He also seems more calm and content. Thank you Di, we are all happy and well rested."

"We have been thrilled and amazed with the changes in Liam since he started using Bach Flowers. The remedy Di concocted was just spot on and has really addressed things that had been causing us concern for some time. Over the first 3 weeks of use we saw instant results in some areas and continued improvement in others. Liam has become a calmer person, more able to cope with change, challenges and just not getting his own way at times! We are seeing more of our lovely happy boy and it's wonderful! Thank you Di & Bach Flowers. Cheers, Brenda"

“I am deeply grateful to Di for allowing me to confide in her, for her patience, her words of wisdom and for choosing and mixing the Bach Flowers that are making me a stronger woman.”

“Thanks so much for sending the BFRs. I started taking it as soon as it arrived and felt immediate benefit. I’ve been feeling better and better each day. Thank you.”

“Once again thanks for your help. My spirits are beginning to lift and I am feeling more positive.”

"Just a note to say I'm really happy with the way this mix is for me. Thanks so much."

"I have nearly finished the Bach Flowers Remedy you made up for me and I would like to order some more. I have found it effective, Thanks."