Because the Bach Flowers are all about the person, not the condition, I actually don’t need any pages on conditions. However I feel that it can be quite a mind shift to think of yourself as a whole energetic being 1st, and that by looking at who you are, how you think and behave and what you are feeling are the keys to getting better. But the pages will give you some direction initially.

Any and all symptoms?!  Yes. High blood pressure, chronic fatigue, asthma, skin problems, angina, headaches, stomach ulcers, addictions, fears, paranoia, leaky gut, bedwetting, insomnia, nightmares ….the list is endless…. we work with the personality and emotions to restore balance and in doing that the body is in a place to begin it’s physical or mental healing process.

It’s quite nice to drop the “label”, even empowering!

All you need to do is to check through the 38 Bach Flowers on the self-diagnose page or choose the online form or a telephone consultation. (09 372 6311).

Read about how bach flower remedies can help treat different symptoms.