Self-Diagnosis Form

This simple self-diagnosis form is easy to use.

Read through the Bach Flower Remedies descriptions below and tick up to 1 or 2 that reflect your personality and 4 or 5 that describe how you are thinking, feeling, behaving or responding to your situation.  Be reflective, honest and use your instinct and intuition.

Tick a maximum of 7 remedies (prioritise the most important)


The 38 Bach Flower Remedies to choose from:

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Those who hide worries and torments behind a brave or cheerful face. POSITIVE RESULT (P+) Inner peace and free from mental turmoil. 


Apprehension or anxiety for no known reason, fear of the future. P+ Fearlessness, faith to be adventurous. Unafraid. Feeling sure.


Intolerant and critical of others, judgemental. others habits and ways annoy you.  P+ tolerance and compassion, see the good in others.  


Have difficulty saying no, no boundaries, are imposed on, bullied by others. Anxious to please. P+ not hindered or exploited by others. Can set boundaries. Serve others but not to detriment of own needs.


Doubt own judgement, need to consult others. Lost touch with your inner voice. P+ trusting in self, decisive and intuitive.


Uncontrolled, irrational thoughts. Suicidal. Fear of insanity. Verge of breakdown. P+ Calm mind, able to think and act rationally.

Cherry Plum

Fail to learn from life's experiences, repeats the same mistakes. Difficulty grasping new concepts, skills. P+ Ability to watch, learn and remember. 

Chestnut Bud

Overly possessive, manipulative, attention-seeking, needy, sulky, bossy, interfering. The excessive "mother hen". P+ loving, understanding, warm, kind, concerned for others. 


Inattentive, dreamy, sleepy, absentminded, mental escapism, live in the future, ungrounded.  P+ attentive, very interested in life, involved, in the present.


Poor self image, self conscious, self hate, self harm, feel unclean, skin problems, over focussed on detail, obsessive compulsive. P+ acceptance, honouring and positive self image. Feel comfortable in your own skin.

Crab Apple

Overwhelmed by inadequacy & responsibility. Difficulty coping. Too much on your plate.  P+ confident, self-assured, can prioritise and gain proper perspective.


Easily discouraged, despondent, negative outlook. Cup ½ empty outlook.  P+ perseverance and optimism, no obstacle too great.


Feel hopeless, given up, in despair. No light at the end of the tunnel.  P+ restores hope, gives light and strength, lifts the soul.


Talkative, obsessed with own troubles, experiences and stories. Hypochondriac.  P+ Selfless, helping others, good conversationalist and listener.


Envy, jealousy, hatred, suspicious, angry. These people hit, spit, bang, scratch, are aggressive.  P+ Loving, happy, gentle, trusting, soft. Anger is washed away. 


Living in the past, nostalgic, homesick, repeated visions/flashbacks/dreams. P+  live in the present, remember past in healthy/happy way, flashbacks etc gone.


Monday morning feeling, bored, procrastination, more a mental tiredness. P+ motivation, certainty, freshness & spontaneity. 


Impatient, easily irritated, rushed, no time, want things to happen NOW, snappy.  P+ patience, more time.

Lack of confidence, low self esteem, feel inferior. Fears failure. P+ confident, ability to take risks, believe in themselves "I can do this"


Fears that you can name. eg fear of flying, heights, spiders, relationship... Also the timid, shy type.  P+ Courage to face your fears. Calm and composed.


Dark cloud that descends, making you saddened and depressed for no known reason. Can wake up feeling down.  P+ Joy, peace, and optimism. 


Driven by strong sense of duty/responsibility, struggle on although exhausted. Stoic. P+ restored energy, helps to recognise the need to take time off to relax and look after self.


Fatigued, drained physically and emotionally, low energy, tired.  P+ Gives strength, energy and vitality.


Guilt complex, blames self even for the mistakes of others. Never feel you've done well enough. Always apologising. Regrets.  P+ accepting and respecting yourself.


Over-anxious and fearful for the wellbeing and safety of the ones you love and care for.  P+ Caring & loving without the anxiety. Radiates thoughts of health & courage.

Red Chestnut

Terror, frozen in fear, dread, feel helpless.  P+ calm and courageous with a presence of mind.

Rock Rose

Inflexible, inner strictness and rigidity, self denying. Adheres to regime/belief.  P+ Flexible mind, allow themselves more flow in life. Kinder to themselves.

Rock Water

Indecisive, hesitant, changeable, erratic, scattered energy, confused mind.  P+ Poised, balanced, decisive, clear-headed.


Traumatised. Shock, sorrow, grief. Numbness, sadness. Delayed pyschological shock. Accidents.  P+ neutralises effects of shock thus helping you to recuperate. 

Star of Bethlehem

Can hardly bear anymore, at limits of endurance, in anguish and despair. Can be very tearful.  P+ Faith in spite of unbearable anguish, liberation from despair, optimism & peace of mind.

Sweet Chestnut

Over-enthusiasm, very busy, tense, hold strong views. Incensed by injustices, over excited.   P+  Mind relaxed instead of so busy, easier to get to sleep, "being" instead of "doing", body can relax and "breathe'.


Stubborn, dominating, inflexible, tyrannical. Aggressive, hard and expect obedience.  P+ encourage and guide without being controlling. Loving, wise leaders/parents.


Unable to adapt or transition well through changes, sensitive and in need of protection from outside influences (people or environment), easily swayed by others opinions, also acts as a link breaker to help you to move on.  P+ free from influences, unaffected by change.


Proud, reserved, enjoys being alone although can get lonely. Independent, self-contained, aloof, can appear anti-social.  P+ empathetic, wise. Warmer connections with others. 

Water Violet

Persistant unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries, mental arguments. P+ mental peace and calmness, a still, empty mind.

White Chestnut

Uncertain as to correct path in life, at a crossroads, unsure of career path, dissatisfied with current lifestyle/work.  P+ Decisive with definite ideas and ambitions.

Wild Oat

Apathy, resignation. "this is just the way it is", no effort to change unhappy situation.  P+ Involvement, vitality, lively interest in life.

Wild Rose

Resentful, blame others, feel bitter about life. See themselves as victims. Refuse to accept own responsibility.  P+ Can forgive and forget past injustices. Understand & recognise they are in control of their own destiny.