There is just as much need for Bach Flower Remedies towards the end of life as there is at the beginning.

Family pressures, moving out of home, physical balance, convalescence and recovery from operations, sleeping, worries and anxieties, low energy, fear of safety, bitterness, depression, loss of partner, lonely, flu, mental confusion, side effects of medication... are just a few examples where BFRs can support you.

No matter what the situation the BFRs will make you feel safe, secure, happy, uplifted and stronger.

You can ring and talk to me (09 3726311) as it’s always comforting to have a listening ear, someone who helps you to express your needs and feelings without judgement.

I will choose the BFRs for you and once you start taking them you will feel a lot more positive and upbeat, looking forward to each new day.

Otherwise you can self-diagnose.

You can be assured that the Bach Flowers do not in any way interfere or react with medications.