Stress, the all encompassing word for lots of different mental and physical symptoms!

Take the same situation with 2 people - one gets stressed and the other is cool, calm and collected. It’s your outlook and attitude that can change your stress picture.

  • Are you over-focussed?
  • Needing to be in control?
  • Taking on too much?
  • Exhausted?
  • Using drugs, alcohol or food to mask troubles?
  • Scared of failure?
  • Driven by perfection?
  • Worry excessively?
  • Impatient?
  • Over working?
  • Intolerant?
  • Unhappy within yourself?

Your personality type is also a big player in this equation as this is what underlies and drives the behaviours and responses to your daily family or work life.

Take time now to assess your stress. What are your triggers, how is the stress manifesting?

Then match it with the Bach Flowers from the self-diagnosis list. Or you may feel you would like to choose one of the consultation options with me.