What’s keeping you awake?

  • Mind too busy making lists and organising things to do?
  • Mind dwelling, catastrophising, worrying, making mountains out of molehills?
  • Unwanted thoughts?
  • The quiet time of sleeping stirs tormented thoughts to the surface?
  • Anxious and worrying about your loved ones?
  • Mind full of all sorts of bits and pieces, flitting from one thought to another, all fragmented?
  • Night time brings flashbacks, repeated dreams?
  • Nightmares?
  • Anxious about not sleeping?
  • Guilt and regrets keep you awake?

The Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) work with the cause, the reason why you can't sleep, or why you wake up and can't get back to sleep. They are able to relax your mind, wash away your worries, slow down and shut off those thoughts, allowing you to have a full nights sleep.

Self diagnose or write about your sleeping problems on the online form and I will choose them for you, or ring me for a consultation. (09 3726311)