No lengthy counselling, no having to explain yourself, no going over an old issue.  Bach Flower Remedies are the perfect tool that you can use to connect with your own feelings and thoughts.

Time and again my son’s mates (guys and girls) have been at our place and out comes the Bach Flower kit.  They ponder the Bach Flower list ticking the ones that best reflect who they are and how they are feeling.  I glance at their choices and know they’re so spot on. It’s a very non-threatening process.

The main issues that I’ve observed being addressed are : motivation, depression, lack of self confidence, lack of direction, self consciousness, overwhelm, negativity, perfectionism, despair, guilt, influences, addictions....

These feelings may relate to study, social stuff, relationship break-up, work situation, life path, family dynamics, habits/patterns, addictions (drugs/alcohol/dope etc), sexuality, insomnia……

Run through the situation you’d like to deal with,  then go to the self-diagnosis page and start ticking the boxes.  Tick as many as you like, then start prioritising so that the top 6-7 BFRs remain. (NB if your situation is serious/chronic, choose your BFRs but then you also may need to seek medical help).

It is important to move on from an issue or behaviour that is impacting negatively on you (or on others).  Your aim is to be a truly happy adult leading the life YOU want to lead, being able to follow your dreams, being close to your soul truth, connecting with your inner voice.