Pets and Animals

Bach Flower Remedies are as equally effective for all animals as they are for humans – from the bird who bangs into a window, to the horse who fears the float, to the elephant who loses a lifelong partner.  Not to forget your pet who might be aggressive towards others, frightened of noises, over protective of you, chewing everything, obsessively cleaning, barking incessantly, defecating in inappropriate places...

In treating animals we take into account their personality, temperament as well as their acute reactions to the situation. Their physical symptoms are treated and healed through the mental/emotional connection.

Bach Rescue Remedy plus up to 5 other BFRs can be chosen for the animal which works on restoring the animal into a place of overall wellbeing. The remedy can be put in their mouth, on their lips, inner tips of ears, armpits, nose, paws.

Self diagnose for your animal or write about their problem on the online form and I will choose them for you, or ring me for a consultation.