Feeling the heat in more ways than one!?

Whether it is the night sweats, memory loss, weight gain, irritability, hot flushes, anxiety, low energy, sleeplessness, heavy bleeding, gloominess – the Flowers are a wonderful, gentle, safe way to create the inner balance that in turn brings a healthy balanced body with little or no menopause symptoms.

Fundamentally there’s a big change going on; hormones adapting, your body adapting...

Check out these Flowers (and any of the other 38 remedies) on the self-diagnosis page and see which ones match you.

Walnut, Scleranthus, Aspen, Crab Apple, Larch, Impatiens, Mustard, Olive

Self diagnose or write about your menopause challenges on the online form and I will choose them for you, or ring me for a consultation. (09 3726311)