In the depths of grief.  I think most of us can relate to some level of grief with the loss of someone dear; from anything that is traumatic whether it be in the past or a present event.

People feel shattered, numb, sad, anguished, shocked... The Bach Flowers are the comforter and soother of pains and sorrows.

Some common causes of grief : loss of loved one, accident, post operation, birth and post birth, miscarriage, fights, arguments, abuse, job loss, injury, news of terminal illness, change, retirement, divorce.

The grief can be part of a bigger picture of emotions and responses which also need to be considered when choosing your Bach Flowers and hence supporting and completing your healing process.  Examples: reminders of your loved one, intense longing, problems accepting, bitterness, depression, withdrawn, lack of trust, anger.  

All of these or any others are listed in the self-diagnosis page - you will soon see which ones reflect your grief and sadness. Choose your own or you may feel you would like to choose one of the consultation options with me.