Bach Flower Remedies - Dosage Instructions

bach flower remedies dosageDosage Instructions

1 dose from treatment bottle = 4 drops

Minimum dosage - 4x day. Any less may reduce the full healing potential of the Bach Flowers.

Added dosages - as often as needed.

Sometimes you might want to have it more frequently for the 1st few days or when the situation is/or becomes very acute. As you balance out then you can reduce back to the minimum dosage.

How to give the dose -

NB: BFRs are not affected by any substance or heat.

  • Drop into mouth directly
  • Add to food or drink
  • Rub on lips, behind ears, temples, wrists, fontanelle(babies)
  • In your bath (a good full 3-5 squirts)

Rescue Remedy - 4 drops on the tongue or 4 drops in a glass of water and sip frequently. When using RR in acute situations it is often necessary to repeat the dosage (like every few minutes) until calmness is restored. eg tantrums, bad news, shock, fright, pre and post op.

Safety of the BFR's

No side effects, not addictive, can’t overdose, supports ANY other medication (allopathic or natural).