Children respond fabulously to the Bach Flowers.  Often just one mix will do the trick as children are relatively pure and free beings compared to adults!

Once their Bach Flowers are chosen they are given their ‘magic mix’, ‘happy drops’, ‘angel help’, ‘flower drops’, ‘Di drops’! Somehow they know that deep work  is occurring within them.  

And they know when to ask for more drops or another mix.

The main issues I treat children for:

  • Change, sensitivity, separation anxiety, social dynamics, sibling rivalry, sleeping, nightmares,
  • Breastfeeding, illness, convalescence, learning challenges, behavioural challenges, autism, aspergers, ADHD, ADD, tantrums...
  • Stubbornness, anger, trauma, shyness, low self esteem.

The Bach Flower Remedies are especially fantastic to use all through your children’s lives when various situations crop up that need to be cleared, neutralised and balanced.

As a parent you can choose your child’s mix on the self diagnose page; write about your child on the online form and I will choose them for you, or ring me for a consultation.

(+64 9 3726311 or +64 212016695)

“…Fundamentally, the office of parenthood is to be the privileged means (and indeed, it should be considered as divinely privileged) of enabling a soul to contact this world for the sake of evolution….parents should be particularly on guard against any desire to mould the young personality according to their own ideas and wishes, and should refrain from any undue control or demand favour in return for their natural duty…”