The Bach Flowers can help you with the smaller day to day challenges or the bigger life questions we face. This list is endless as you will well know!

Our personalities, emotions and feelings run our lives so if, amongst all the non-stop busy-ness, you can stay true to yourself, keep your centre and be balanced then those curly balls will not throw you as much. That’s the best place to be to make the best decisions! To be proactive not reactive.

So...whether it be dealing with your kids, work issues, relationships, family the impact that these have on you is what needs to be addressed.

Impatient, intolerant, angry, resentful, overwhelmed, plodding on, exhausted, scared, anxious, nervous, sad, depressed, unmotivated, irrational, moody, over-controlling, OCD, jealousy.....any and all emotions are possible to experience in our lifetime.

Check through the 38 Bach Flowers in the self-diagnosis list and see which ones reflect you the most. An online consultation is also available or phone me (09 3726311).