About Di

The Bach Flower Remedies are my passion and have been since 2000. I am inspired, surprised (still!), humbled, excited about the work these Flowers are capable of. I am a registered practitioner and trainer, living on beautiful Waiheke Island.

I only discovered the BFR when I was 40 (I could’ve done with them during the birth of my 2 sons!) and since then have used them for family, friends and clients.

For me, one of the best parts about this system of healing is that it’s all about you. This is the core of the philosophy - to take ownership of your health and wellbeing by being involved in choosing your own Flowers. It’s an empowering process as you become more aware of who you actually are - your personality, your feelings, thoughts, emotions and reactions to life.

By sorting out your inner life, your outer life begins to flow.

Once I found out about the Bach Flowers I knew in my heart that offering this system of healing was going to be my “task in life”. This practice feeds my soul and gives me energy!

I feel grateful for every moment of joy my life and the Bach Flowers have given me.