Self Diagnosis - choose your own Remedy mix


To create your personalised remedy, tick up to 7 Bach Flower Remedies 

from the list of 38 BFRs below that reflects:

  • your personality 
  • describes how you are thinking and feeling
  • behaving and responding to your situation

Be reflective, honest and use your instinct and intuition.

After ticking boxes, click on Add to cart at the bottom and you'll receive your Bach Flower drops to start the journey of balance, joy and wellness.

The BFRs are a safe, gentle, subtle tool to help you restore emotional/mental balance, to realign your personality to be more in tune with your inner knowing; to bring about change in your life.

The BFRs treat the whole person - mind, body, soul and spirit. The subtle effect you will notice : feeling uplifted, energised, positive, calm, stress dissipating, physical symptoms starting to shift, sleeping better, more compassionate etc

Suitable for any situation in life - from pregnancy/birth, childhood, parenting, partnerships, work, social, traumatic events, speeches, exams, various conditions and illnesses....


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