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Rescue Remedy to the rescue! June 23 2014, 1 Comment

Most people have heard of Rescue Remedy (RR) and often don't realilse it's part of the Bach Flower healing system. Dr Bach put 5 Bach Flowers into this composite remedy for use in emergencies, for shock, accidents etc. Nowadays it's known for that but mostly as a saviour for stress. A bottle at home, at work, in the car, in your bag (Dr Bach carried one at all times) It can literally save a life before emergencies can arrive. RR has the effect of calming the situation, not rushing, focussing, with everything under control, neutralises any shock and if you are unconscious it brings you back to consciousness.  So it's highly effective for anything from tantrums to exams, from public speaking to beestings, from wee accidents to awful ones, from feeling irritable to flying, for earache and toothache... There is a never ending list of uses. RR releases tight shoulders too. You can take it externally as well - soak your squashed finger or sprained ankle in a bowl of RR and see the results a few hours later!  However if you are the person who "lives on Rescue Remedy" then you need to be looking at why - and then choose an individual mix that will work on eliminating the stress in the 1st place. 

Every family needs Rescue Remedy in their 1st aid kit as it is mulitpurpose - the emotional and physical are covered. You will wonder why you didn't have it years ago!  :-)

Do enjoy the slower winter months.

Warm regards, Di

Easing the busy life with Bach Flowers April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Every day I find myself saying - life seems to be busier!!  Not enough time in the day, and it's already April...Then if I wake up at night my mind is busy even if I'm not up doing the physical!  Obviously I need a get-me-less-busy BFR mix. What happens actually when you take your drops is that your life might well be the same but your outlook and management of it changes and then the outcome = a balanced work/relax ratio. Others I talk to are also saying how busy they are - we all need that mix!  The Bach Flowers you choose will be a combo of helping you feel less busy, and also include the negative emotions that drain your energy. One is part of the other. Some typical Flowers for you to check out on my self-diagnosis page are : Vervain, White Chestnut, Olive, Oak, Impatiens, Centaury, Elm, Cherry Plum....and look forward to the rest of the year being in control!  :-)  Warm regards, Di