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Motivation plus! ++++ July 01 2014, 0 Comments

I seem to be busy and interested in life at the mo - more than usual.  I've got HORNBEAM in my mix which is the BFR for motivation, having a lively interest even in the mundane tasks. The mundaneness of the day ahead is not inspiring. Work, dishes, nappies, washing, bills to pay - whatever it is in your schedule that does not exactly excite you. You feel you need a boost of interest. It can be temporary or more lingering. 

Having looked at my windows for months and months, I cleaned them!  I'm writing every day, doing my exercises before work, have good energy does feel buzzy and good and I'm achieving so much!  Want some of the same?  We call Hornbeam the "monday morning" remedy. You actually have the energy but can't quite get cracking and once you do, actually achieve what you set out to do.  The energy is there, you just need the Hornbeam to bring yours to the surface and experience it!  

Hornebeam is different to OLIVE which is genuine tiredness from working, studying, recuperating - emotionally and physically worn out. You may need both!

Move over coffee - Hornbeam is the real energy, not arsing out of coffee-ed nerves!

Make yourself a motivated energetic mix on my self-diagnosis page.

 Cheers, Di