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The waves of heat and sweat with menopause! March 06 2014, 1 Comment


Know anyone experiencing menopause??

There's a book called "is it hot in here or is it me?".  How many of you menopausal women can relate to that !? Off and on with the cardy, open and shut with the door, toss of the duvet, the gathering of a larger middle .....the hormones are having a ball with us and it can be a challenge to manage the symptoms that's for sure. I have heard of some pretty extreme symptoms - being wet through, sweats/heat lasting for 30 minutes, happening 10x a day or nite, going on for 10years....phew, a very tiring, trying time. Diet, exercise and supplements all help. I was hoping I was going to miss out on the symptoms but no, although I feel lucky that mine are reasonably minor by the looks of it.

Through all my reading and research I have nailed some core choices - not too much of the coffee and alcohol, lots of natural wholesome food, a supplement that really helps called Harmony, and a natural root which has been powdered called Maca. Maca is what is called an adaptogen - so it goes where it's needed in the hormone balancing area. Then of course the Bach Flowers are a must to help balance the emotions of menopause which if out of whack, then impacts on the physical body. All in all you will possibly, hopefully lessen the intensity of your menopause symptoms in the most natural way possible.

What's your menopause story?  How have you lessened the effects? Have you come out the other side?    Cheers, Di