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addictions - how to move on from being addicted September 13 2014, 1 Comment

There are all sorts of addictions like the common smoking and alcohol, medical drugs (legal) and the illegal drugs such as dope, P, ecstacy, food addiction etc. They all have the ability to get a hold of you, making it difficult to break the habit.  There is a dependency you feel you have, there is the group pressure, the stress that makes you reach for something outside of yourself....No matter if it is that 1 glass of red that you want to stop drinking every night or the bottle, the mind needs to be able to control the situation. Maybe you are easily led? The Bach Flower for that is Walnut - which enables you to change tracks and to be able to stay on it without being influenced by others. Then there is Cherry Plum - the BFR for being in control of your mind, not the substance controlling you. Chestnut Bud - seeing the big picture of you and your actions and hence being able to learn from this instead of being lost in it. Maybe the substance is a way of "swallowing" your pain?  Then you need Agrimony which will restore your inner joy and genuine cheerfulness. 

Actually any of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies could be part of what you need for your de-tox journey away from addictive substances, so have a look at the list of BFRs and see which ones are relevant to your state of mind in relation to the addiction.


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