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Easing the busy life with Bach Flowers April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Every day I find myself saying - life seems to be busier!!  Not enough time in the day, and it's already April...Then if I wake up at night my mind is busy even if I'm not up doing the physical!  Obviously I need a get-me-less-busy BFR mix. What happens actually when you take your drops is that your life might well be the same but your outlook and management of it changes and then the outcome = a balanced work/relax ratio. Others I talk to are also saying how busy they are - we all need that mix!  The Bach Flowers you choose will be a combo of helping you feel less busy, and also include the negative emotions that drain your energy. One is part of the other. Some typical Flowers for you to check out on my self-diagnosis page are : Vervain, White Chestnut, Olive, Oak, Impatiens, Centaury, Elm, Cherry Plum....and look forward to the rest of the year being in control!  :-)  Warm regards, Di

Bach Flower Remedies fully endorsed! October 27 2013, 0 Comments

The Bach Centre received "the best complimentary Medicine Company 2013" by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine....The Bach Centre clearly stood out....

That feels good to me as a practitioner and I hope encouraging for you the user, knowing that this natural medicine continues to be on the up and up.

The Bach Flower approach is very low key and usually people find their own way to them. But clearly the growth of the usage of them indicates that they work and word of mouth is our key advertiser.

Think of a situation you would like to deal with (for yourself or family member) and choose up to 7 remedies that are going to help you shift and change for the better.