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being shy.....then, how to be courageous! May 13 2014, 0 Comments

The shy child is easy to spot. They hide behind mum, cling on, have downward eyes, timid, turn red in the face and find it difficult to respond to a question. 

I just want to give them the magic remedy MIMULUS that will bring out the courage that lies latent within. Then see who they can really be! :-) Shyness inhibits our potential in all areas of life - learning, meeting people, new environments, speaking out, social groups...I am sure you can name some more. 

There is also fear in this picture as Mimulus is the remedy for known fears. Fear of flying, relationships, spiders, heights, public speaking, reading aloud etc. Once again the courage surfaces and off you go doing things you never thought you would do! Or you find yourself doing things and then go - (for example) oh! I'm not usually at the top of a ladder!  :-)

Even if you are focussing on the shyness only you will find that you are courageous in life in general.  Who knows what you will do and be!

As with most situations there are other factors involved - maybe a negative experience created it or it might be abit of a family trait, lacking confidence etc...

You can self diagnose  to see what magic you can create in your Bach Flower mix!



The waves of heat and sweat with menopause! March 06 2014, 1 Comment


Know anyone experiencing menopause??

There's a book called "is it hot in here or is it me?".  How many of you menopausal women can relate to that !? Off and on with the cardy, open and shut with the door, toss of the duvet, the gathering of a larger middle .....the hormones are having a ball with us and it can be a challenge to manage the symptoms that's for sure. I have heard of some pretty extreme symptoms - being wet through, sweats/heat lasting for 30 minutes, happening 10x a day or nite, going on for 10years....phew, a very tiring, trying time. Diet, exercise and supplements all help. I was hoping I was going to miss out on the symptoms but no, although I feel lucky that mine are reasonably minor by the looks of it.

Through all my reading and research I have nailed some core choices - not too much of the coffee and alcohol, lots of natural wholesome food, a supplement that really helps called Harmony, and a natural root which has been powdered called Maca. Maca is what is called an adaptogen - so it goes where it's needed in the hormone balancing area. Then of course the Bach Flowers are a must to help balance the emotions of menopause which if out of whack, then impacts on the physical body. All in all you will possibly, hopefully lessen the intensity of your menopause symptoms in the most natural way possible.

What's your menopause story?  How have you lessened the effects? Have you come out the other side?    Cheers, Di


The anti-anger Bach Flower February 08 2014, 0 Comments


How simple does that sound?!  And anti-anger Flower that you just take 4 drops of 4x a day and your anger is washed away?

Yes, it's that very staunch thorny shrub called HOLLY. The leaves are strong and thorny saying - "if you come near me I will damage you".

Yet those leaves are protecting the beautiful, soft blossom which has the sweetest smell. This is the work of this Bach Flower Remedy - to soften the anger and to restore the warm, loving energy which is within but covered by anger. This person has been emotionally, psychologically or physically hurt and the nature is to respond by having anger as a form of protection. 

Anger manifests in many forms - hitting, smashing, verbally abusive, jealous, vengeful, suspicious, hatred, hard-hearted. Sometimes I hear people talking and I think "ooooh, they are carrying anger". 

I feel for these people as they have been hurt and usually it's our childhood experiences where it often where it begins. (the BFRs are for children, teens, adults, animals - everyone!)

However our challenge is to overcome the anger and to heal in such a way that the warm, loving, caring person that is there (believe it or not) surfaces and begins to shine again. 

The Bach Flowers are a beautiful, gentle, deep way to heal that hurt by treating the cause of the anger.

Changing the anger vibe into a love vibe!

Sounds simple?  It is!

Warm regards




Bach Flower Remedies fully endorsed! October 27 2013, 0 Comments

The Bach Centre received "the best complimentary Medicine Company 2013" by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine....The Bach Centre clearly stood out....

That feels good to me as a practitioner and I hope encouraging for you the user, knowing that this natural medicine continues to be on the up and up.

The Bach Flower approach is very low key and usually people find their own way to them. But clearly the growth of the usage of them indicates that they work and word of mouth is our key advertiser.

Think of a situation you would like to deal with (for yourself or family member) and choose up to 7 remedies that are going to help you shift and change for the better.