Get rid of your winter ailments! September 09 2013, 0 Comments

My very first post! A bit scary but also very exciting. I’ve always wanted an opportunity for easy feedback from clients and I think this is a great platform where you can say anything about your Bach Flower drops, ask me a question about the philosophy, how they work or points of clarification.

Definitely share your experiences which I know others will benefit hugely from.
For all my existing clients - I hope you find the new website simple, savvy and more accessible too. Even though I have had to put the price up it’s still a good deal when you see it as 3 weeks of treatment! :-)

Each blog will focus on a Bach Flower topic. No. 1? How can the BFRs help you get well quickly instead of your flu, bronchitis, cold, cough going on week after week. The Flowers support your mind body connection. This means you need to consider your personality, emotions as well as your response to being sick. Have you been working too hard, too long, not sleeping well, stressed, worried, guilty for being sick… these all depress the immune system, then in come the bugs! Choose your individual mix so you’re on the get-well-quicker path.

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