indecision is such a waste of time! June 14 2014, 0 Comments

I wonder what to write sometimes, tossing around this and that idea, not quite deciding. So I thought this might be a good idea! Decision made!

Indecision is such a time waster. And often you can miss a great opportunity because you are weighing up the options. And then end up doing nothing because you can't decide!!  There's a couple of indecision Bach Flowers that might match your type of indecision. Scleranthus which is swaying between the choices you have - shall I do this or that or that!? Feeling confused. Mind also feels fragmented. Life is so busy, we have so much on our minds and it ends up going into bits.  It is actually also for those who are moody, up and down. And for those who can loose their balance, so useful for sea or car sickness. The other one is Cerato - this is the one to use if you are the type who ask others for their opinion -"what do YOU think I should do?". However, despite suggestions they go and do what they think anyway! Their indecision comes from lack of trusting their own inner wisdom, unpractised at connecting with their intuition. 

Which one are you?  These Bach Flowers will see you making quick, clear, sure decisions which is perfect for the full lives we live today.

Cheers, Di