Separation anxiety - a biggie..... February 20 2014, 0 Comments


Separation anxiety is a very common state - whether it's your children going off to pre-school or school, or the cow who has just had her calf taken off her.

The feelings are the same.  It really tears at your heart ...

  • Where is my loved one?
  • I NEED to feel secure, have her close to me.
  • I can't forget about her - I am missing her.
  • It's such a change - I feel it's hard to adjust.
  • I am distressed about the separation.

    Children especially find this adjustment hard. Luckily I have an advocate in a pre-school who says - "Di will choose some Bach Flowers for your child and before you know it the whole situation will be resolved!"  Both parent and child are relieved. The child will feel strong, safe, in the moment and with a sense of adventure instead of apprehension.  The Bach Flowers bring out the courage and security that is sitting there within.

    Yes, in a few days you will notice positive subtle changes.

    Here are a few examples of when separation anxiety can surface:

    • going to boarding school
    • moving countries and leaving family
    • teenagers leaving the nest
    • a partner going on a trip
    • going on a sleep-over

    Have a you got a situation you would like to share? Not just with children, it could be you as an adult or an animal story?