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Disappointments in life.... October 07 2014, 0 Comments

Things do wrong, do not turn out as expected. Little or big walls come up in front of us and we get despondent, down - as yet again it feels like it's one step forward and two steps back. Whether it's the school child who doesn't like their art work and throws it in the bin or the adult who is rejected yet again in either a relationship or job appllication, or your illness has had another setback.... Disappointments come in every shape and form and in different depths of response.  If you stay in that negative response place then this can and does lead to depression - so better to nip it in the bud or start treating the cause of a longer issue. 

Gentian is the Flower for experiencing a setback - despite the disappointing outcome your outlook will become one of positivity, the cup is half full not half empty, it feels lilke you can take a step forward and keep moving. Gentian people can tend to be negaitive anyway so it certainly doesn't help when they have something go wrong. Gentian will instill in them to have another go. 


Gorse - they've given up totally and won't try again

Hornbeam - they can't be bothered to do anything from boredom or monday morning feeling.

Larch - lack of confidence to try - "I can't do that"



addictions - how to move on from being addicted September 13 2014, 1 Comment

There are all sorts of addictions like the common smoking and alcohol, medical drugs (legal) and the illegal drugs such as dope, P, ecstacy, food addiction etc. They all have the ability to get a hold of you, making it difficult to break the habit.  There is a dependency you feel you have, there is the group pressure, the stress that makes you reach for something outside of yourself....No matter if it is that 1 glass of red that you want to stop drinking every night or the bottle, the mind needs to be able to control the situation. Maybe you are easily led? The Bach Flower for that is Walnut - which enables you to change tracks and to be able to stay on it without being influenced by others. Then there is Cherry Plum - the BFR for being in control of your mind, not the substance controlling you. Chestnut Bud - seeing the big picture of you and your actions and hence being able to learn from this instead of being lost in it. Maybe the substance is a way of "swallowing" your pain?  Then you need Agrimony which will restore your inner joy and genuine cheerfulness. 

Actually any of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies could be part of what you need for your de-tox journey away from addictive substances, so have a look at the list of BFRs and see which ones are relevant to your state of mind in relation to the addiction.


Warm regards


fed-up with not sleeping? You, your baby? partner? parent? neighbour? August 06 2014, 0 Comments

You can manage the odd night that wasn't such a good sleep but to have it has a nightly pattern is tiring, frustrating and you can even begin to dread the night arriving.  I have read about other products that talk about treating your sleep and I can safely say the Bach Flowers are the only system that truly and uniquely treats your actual situation. Here's an example : a mum worried about her teenage son out with his mates, will he be alright? come home in one piece? and not drink too much? will his mates influence him? So she worries, round and round goes her mind, tossing and turning unable to sleep. She needs Red Chestnut - so there is the care but without the anxious worry. White Chestnut to stop the round and round thoughts. Now, with her mind at peace she can get back to sleep. The BFRs can also change a chronic sleeping probelem too - it's all about what is going on inside the head - too busy, too fast, fragmented, too anxious, full of resentful scenarios?, does the inner critic start up?, does your inner torment rise in the can all be put in your very own mix. Notice the change in a few days....

Good night! Sleep tight!

Motivation plus! ++++ July 01 2014, 0 Comments

I seem to be busy and interested in life at the mo - more than usual.  I've got HORNBEAM in my mix which is the BFR for motivation, having a lively interest even in the mundane tasks. The mundaneness of the day ahead is not inspiring. Work, dishes, nappies, washing, bills to pay - whatever it is in your schedule that does not exactly excite you. You feel you need a boost of interest. It can be temporary or more lingering. 

Having looked at my windows for months and months, I cleaned them!  I'm writing every day, doing my exercises before work, have good energy does feel buzzy and good and I'm achieving so much!  Want some of the same?  We call Hornbeam the "monday morning" remedy. You actually have the energy but can't quite get cracking and once you do, actually achieve what you set out to do.  The energy is there, you just need the Hornbeam to bring yours to the surface and experience it!  

Hornebeam is different to OLIVE which is genuine tiredness from working, studying, recuperating - emotionally and physically worn out. You may need both!

Move over coffee - Hornbeam is the real energy, not arsing out of coffee-ed nerves!

Make yourself a motivated energetic mix on my self-diagnosis page.

 Cheers, Di

Rescue Remedy to the rescue! June 23 2014, 1 Comment

Most people have heard of Rescue Remedy (RR) and often don't realilse it's part of the Bach Flower healing system. Dr Bach put 5 Bach Flowers into this composite remedy for use in emergencies, for shock, accidents etc. Nowadays it's known for that but mostly as a saviour for stress. A bottle at home, at work, in the car, in your bag (Dr Bach carried one at all times) It can literally save a life before emergencies can arrive. RR has the effect of calming the situation, not rushing, focussing, with everything under control, neutralises any shock and if you are unconscious it brings you back to consciousness.  So it's highly effective for anything from tantrums to exams, from public speaking to beestings, from wee accidents to awful ones, from feeling irritable to flying, for earache and toothache... There is a never ending list of uses. RR releases tight shoulders too. You can take it externally as well - soak your squashed finger or sprained ankle in a bowl of RR and see the results a few hours later!  However if you are the person who "lives on Rescue Remedy" then you need to be looking at why - and then choose an individual mix that will work on eliminating the stress in the 1st place. 

Every family needs Rescue Remedy in their 1st aid kit as it is mulitpurpose - the emotional and physical are covered. You will wonder why you didn't have it years ago!  :-)

Do enjoy the slower winter months.

Warm regards, Di

indecision is such a waste of time! June 14 2014, 0 Comments

I wonder what to write sometimes, tossing around this and that idea, not quite deciding. So I thought this might be a good idea! Decision made!

Indecision is such a time waster. And often you can miss a great opportunity because you are weighing up the options. And then end up doing nothing because you can't decide!!  There's a couple of indecision Bach Flowers that might match your type of indecision. Scleranthus which is swaying between the choices you have - shall I do this or that or that!? Feeling confused. Mind also feels fragmented. Life is so busy, we have so much on our minds and it ends up going into bits.  It is actually also for those who are moody, up and down. And for those who can loose their balance, so useful for sea or car sickness. The other one is Cerato - this is the one to use if you are the type who ask others for their opinion -"what do YOU think I should do?". However, despite suggestions they go and do what they think anyway! Their indecision comes from lack of trusting their own inner wisdom, unpractised at connecting with their intuition. 

Which one are you?  These Bach Flowers will see you making quick, clear, sure decisions which is perfect for the full lives we live today.

Cheers, Di 


being shy.....then, how to be courageous! May 13 2014, 0 Comments

The shy child is easy to spot. They hide behind mum, cling on, have downward eyes, timid, turn red in the face and find it difficult to respond to a question. 

I just want to give them the magic remedy MIMULUS that will bring out the courage that lies latent within. Then see who they can really be! :-) Shyness inhibits our potential in all areas of life - learning, meeting people, new environments, speaking out, social groups...I am sure you can name some more. 

There is also fear in this picture as Mimulus is the remedy for known fears. Fear of flying, relationships, spiders, heights, public speaking, reading aloud etc. Once again the courage surfaces and off you go doing things you never thought you would do! Or you find yourself doing things and then go - (for example) oh! I'm not usually at the top of a ladder!  :-)

Even if you are focussing on the shyness only you will find that you are courageous in life in general.  Who knows what you will do and be!

As with most situations there are other factors involved - maybe a negative experience created it or it might be abit of a family trait, lacking confidence etc...

You can self diagnose  to see what magic you can create in your Bach Flower mix!



Having trouble getting rid of the excess weight? April 23 2014, 0 Comments

Each week I think ahead about what I might write about next and usually a topic will come to me. I see something on TV, read a magazine, talk to someone or have a client who has this situation - usually all in the space of a day or 2. Ah huh! That's my next topic!  

This time it''s about body image, losing weight, 100s of diet books to choose from, different excerise programmes to try - you name it, lots of people struggling with this have tried it all!  One thing is for certain and that is the psychological attachment to food and eating, not liking what you see in the mirror, along with the challenge of changing.

This can be made easier if you are using Bach Flowers because they will help you "get your head around it".  They will stop the mind chatter, make it so you are in control - not the food or habits. By not over thinking or over focussing on the whole issue it helps you to let go (as odd as that may seem) and achieve what you are setting out to achieve. 

Any of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies could be used to get you in the right head space to conquer the weight and to start enjoying looking at yourself in the mirror. 

I will choose one that almost everyone would need in the BFR mix - Crab Apple. This is part of Dr Bach's description of this Flower - "they are anxious to be free from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. They become despondent if treatment fails". It is the cleansing remedy for mind and body. 

You can choose another 6 BFRs to add to your mix and you'll soon feel supported on your journey to a better (physically and spiritually) body!  :-)

Warm regards to you all


Easing the busy life with Bach Flowers April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Every day I find myself saying - life seems to be busier!!  Not enough time in the day, and it's already April...Then if I wake up at night my mind is busy even if I'm not up doing the physical!  Obviously I need a get-me-less-busy BFR mix. What happens actually when you take your drops is that your life might well be the same but your outlook and management of it changes and then the outcome = a balanced work/relax ratio. Others I talk to are also saying how busy they are - we all need that mix!  The Bach Flowers you choose will be a combo of helping you feel less busy, and also include the negative emotions that drain your energy. One is part of the other. Some typical Flowers for you to check out on my self-diagnosis page are : Vervain, White Chestnut, Olive, Oak, Impatiens, Centaury, Elm, Cherry Plum....and look forward to the rest of the year being in control!  :-)  Warm regards, Di

The waves of heat and sweat with menopause! March 06 2014, 1 Comment


Know anyone experiencing menopause??

There's a book called "is it hot in here or is it me?".  How many of you menopausal women can relate to that !? Off and on with the cardy, open and shut with the door, toss of the duvet, the gathering of a larger middle .....the hormones are having a ball with us and it can be a challenge to manage the symptoms that's for sure. I have heard of some pretty extreme symptoms - being wet through, sweats/heat lasting for 30 minutes, happening 10x a day or nite, going on for 10years....phew, a very tiring, trying time. Diet, exercise and supplements all help. I was hoping I was going to miss out on the symptoms but no, although I feel lucky that mine are reasonably minor by the looks of it.

Through all my reading and research I have nailed some core choices - not too much of the coffee and alcohol, lots of natural wholesome food, a supplement that really helps called Harmony, and a natural root which has been powdered called Maca. Maca is what is called an adaptogen - so it goes where it's needed in the hormone balancing area. Then of course the Bach Flowers are a must to help balance the emotions of menopause which if out of whack, then impacts on the physical body. All in all you will possibly, hopefully lessen the intensity of your menopause symptoms in the most natural way possible.

What's your menopause story?  How have you lessened the effects? Have you come out the other side?    Cheers, Di


Separation anxiety - a biggie..... February 20 2014, 0 Comments

Here's Honey having her Bach Flowers to help her adjust to her calf Hazel having been taken off her.


The anti-anger Bach Flower February 08 2014, 0 Comments


How simple does that sound?!  And anti-anger Flower that you just take 4 drops of 4x a day and your anger is washed away?

Yes, it's that very staunch thorny shrub called HOLLY. The leaves are strong and thorny saying - "if you come near me I will damage you".

Yet those leaves are protecting the beautiful, soft blossom which has the sweetest smell. This is the work of this Bach Flower Remedy - to soften the anger and to restore the warm, loving energy which is within but covered by anger. This person has been emotionally, psychologically or physically hurt and the nature is to respond by having anger as a form of protection. 

Anger manifests in many forms - hitting, smashing, verbally abusive, jealous, vengeful, suspicious, hatred, hard-hearted. Sometimes I hear people talking and I think "ooooh, they are carrying anger". 

I feel for these people as they have been hurt and usually it's our childhood experiences where it often where it begins. (the BFRs are for children, teens, adults, animals - everyone!)

However our challenge is to overcome the anger and to heal in such a way that the warm, loving, caring person that is there (believe it or not) surfaces and begins to shine again. 

The Bach Flowers are a beautiful, gentle, deep way to heal that hurt by treating the cause of the anger.

Changing the anger vibe into a love vibe!

Sounds simple?  It is!

Warm regards




Flowers for new beginnings January 08 2014, 0 Comments

Yes I, along with 1000s of others I am sure, have something they want to change or add to their lives for 2014! Mine is regular DAILY exercise and I need to exercise my will to actually do it!  If you are in the same boat as me then you too can use the  Bach Flowers to help achieve your resolution.  The BFRs strengthen and focus the mind.  

Check out these ones in the self-diagnosis list -

Walnut (to stay on your path)

Chestnut Bud (to learn from your mistakes)

Pine (growling at yourself)

Larch (belief in yourself)

Gorse (feeling hopeless that it can change)

Hornbeam (motivation to carry it out)

Gentian (being positive about it)

Agrimony (not needing to swallow your pain or diverting it with socialising, drinking etc)

Honeysuckle (attached to old habitual ways)

Mimulus (scared to try)

Your mix can be any of the 38 BFRs, not just the ones I have listed here.  Everyone's mix is going to be different according to your own situation because it will reflect your individual moods, emotions and personality. 

Give it a try!  This might be the year you DO it! 


Being Bullied? November 27 2013, 2 Comments

I've just listened to a radio interview about bullying. As a Bach Flower practitioner I'm always tuning in to the emotions and feelings people have in a situation. Bullying happens at school, at home, in the workplace. It can be subtle or extremely obvious. No matter, it has a deep impact on our inner being.

I had a big strong son who was bullied and our approach was to strengthen him. Like a weak plant gets attacked by insects and fungus, a person who is an "easy pick" for the bullies needs to get strong. Not physically, but energetically. 

There are Bach Flower Remedies (BFRs) that will change this energy so that they are no longer bullied. If alot of damage has been done then it will take a few months of BFR drops to change their dynamic, restore confidence, have strong boundaries, not to be influenced by others, to be courageous, comfortable with who they are, to take responsibility for their own changes that are needed. 

On the other side of the coin, the bully also needs Bach Flowers! The need to dominate, to be nasty, cruel, manipulative....these traits can be "washed away".

Look at my self-diagnosis page to see the BFRs that match the bullying situation you are wanting to shift in to an empowering one.

Or of course you can ring me on 09 3726311, arrange a skype or fill in the online form.



Bach Flower Remedies fully endorsed! October 27 2013, 0 Comments

The Bach Centre received "the best complimentary Medicine Company 2013" by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine....The Bach Centre clearly stood out....

That feels good to me as a practitioner and I hope encouraging for you the user, knowing that this natural medicine continues to be on the up and up.

The Bach Flower approach is very low key and usually people find their own way to them. But clearly the growth of the usage of them indicates that they work and word of mouth is our key advertiser.

Think of a situation you would like to deal with (for yourself or family member) and choose up to 7 remedies that are going to help you shift and change for the better. 





Get rid of your winter ailments! September 09 2013, 0 Comments

My very first post! A bit scary but also very exciting. I’ve always wanted an opportunity for easy feedback from clients and I think this is a great platform where you can say anything about your Bach Flower drops, ask me a question about the philosophy, how they work or points of clarification.

Definitely share your experiences which I know others will benefit hugely from.
For all my existing clients - I hope you find the new website simple, savvy and more accessible too. Even though I have had to put the price up it’s still a good deal when you see it as 3 weeks of treatment! :-)

Each blog will focus on a Bach Flower topic. No. 1? How can the BFRs help you get well quickly instead of your flu, bronchitis, cold, cough going on week after week. The Flowers support your mind body connection. This means you need to consider your personality, emotions as well as your response to being sick. Have you been working too hard, too long, not sleeping well, stressed, worried, guilty for being sick… these all depress the immune system, then in come the bugs! Choose your individual mix so you’re on the get-well-quicker path.

Do sign up by entering your email address in the field below and click 'Subscribe' to ensure you receive my fortnightly posts.

Warm regards,